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Who We Are

We are CubersIndia, Synchronize your life, with our software solutions

CubersIndia is a Kanpur based web and software Development Company started by five friends and each of them is well experienced and expert in there fields.

The main purpose and agenda of our company is to share our knowledge as much as we can and serve the best development base product to the clients, who can afford and as well as who cannot afford.

our company moto is to make people familiar with the technology, which will drastically help them in their business, even now there are so many cities who are not aware of these kind of stuffs, or think that these technologies are very expensive or difficult to manage, so CubersIndia takes the initiative to narrow this line that why we also gives workshop and seminars to the fresher’s on latest technologies, we also train interns in our company who came as a fresher and go like an employee, with this agenda we start working on the projects came to us … And now CubersIndia is one of the fastest growing startup in Kanpur, we spread our self in different different axis of technology to always get synchronized with the changing technology, till now we worked on highly functioned projects like Multi-Level-Marketing Software, E-commercial website, ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, Placement portals for colleges, Streaming data Android app, Library Management, Digital Marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and lot more

We have highly skilled web developer, experienced Android developer, SEO specialist and professional trainers with these we are working on changing needs of today’s industries.

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